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TXL Wizard, the Text to Excel/CSV file conversion tool, has been released. The tool was initially created by RMS Vision Systems, and adopted by Softinterface. We gave it a new look and feel, optimized the user friendliness, and gave it a command line option for extra power.

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We like the product. It is fast and accurate. It seems to pick up all of the differences in the documents, and it does a good job of displaying those differences. We like the easy to use interface. That is why we bought ...

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I found a product called Diff Doc that seems to work quite well for comparing Word documents against other Word documents! (I don't know how it works with WordPerfect)


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Box       Diff Doc
  • Document comparison. Compare PDF, Word, RTF, XML, HTM, TXT documents and retain the formatting

  • Edit the documents within this application, and refresh manually or automatically ('Diff on the Fly')
  • Navigate easily through the differences
  • Compares text from any application
  • Paragraph differences are highly detailed
  • Both Side By Side and All In One views are supported.
  • Save any of the views as DOC, Text, RTF or HTML format.
  • Detailed HTML Reports now possible allowing of printing and e-mailing results quickly. Both Side By Side and All In One compare reports are supported
  • Run it from the command line for automation
  • The best document comparison tool you've never used...till today!

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File Comparison All In One View
      Word Doc Diff
  • Document comparison, MS Word & Excel, HTML, RTF, TXT

  •  Run from the Command Line or batch files

  •  Compares whole Directories  recursively

  •  Search Word/Excel/TXT For Text Feature over many files and directories

  • Create Detailed HTML, TXT, or CSV Reports showing changes

  •  "Side By Side" or "All In One" views give you the Diff display of your choice

  • Adjust for spacing and swapped lines for those difficult to compare files

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Compare Files Component
      Compare Files X
  • Synchronous compare or an asynchronous separate thread enables multitasking

  •  Report Creation built in! (HTML, TXT, and CSV)

  •  Compare Data can be saved to a tabbed delimited file which is easily imported into Excel

  •  Full Demo Source Code 

  •  The code required to integrate this component in an application is very small.

  •  File comparison or Diff data can be saved to a tabbed delimited file which is easily imported into Excel.

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Convert Document
        Compare Database
  • Compare any version of Access to another Access Database or SQL Server or visa versa.

  • Identify Data differences between tables in different databases or the same database

  • Identify structure or metadata differences between databases.

  • Create an HTML summary report of the differences between a specified table between two databases.

  • Copy Data from one database to another.


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